A Jamaican boy sets out on a dream, ten times his size, to fly to the moon, despite his circumstances and opposition from his father. Starring: Rohiem Phillips and Zbek Nelson Director(s): Kia Moses and Adrian McDonald Producer: Tashara-Lee Johnson Screenwriter: Kia Moses Language: English Running Time: 13:07 minutes Release Year: 2018
Did you know that surfing became popular in Jamaica in the 1970s? Jamnesia- The Jamaican Surf Experience is a documentary showcasing the history, challenges, developments and accomplishments of surfing in Jamaica. Stoked? Then watch as Godfather and Founder of Jamnesia Surf Camp, Billy Wilmot, takes you on journey through the history of surfing.
Director(s): Shari Kelly and Wentworth Kelly
Producer: Horane Henry
Screenwriter: Shari Kelly
Language: English
Running Time: 37 minutes
Release Year: 2015
"A hungry man is an angry man". Have you ever been so hungry that you can't wait to reach the cashier? Watch as this man, attempts to buy ONE PATTY.
Starring: Odaine Clarke
Director(s): Eugene Williams
Producer/Screenwriter: Gay Magnus
Language: English
Running Time: 10:59 minutes
Release Year: 2017
A day in the life of Kinto, a young windshield wiper, who struggles to survive on the streets until one eventful night, he learns the true meaning of kindness.
Starring: Sekai Smart-Macauley
Director/Writer: Joshua Paul
Producer: Saeed Thomas
Language: English
Running Time: 15:28 minutes
Release Year: 2018

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